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Ramey, Lauri. Stanford: Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), 113-130 [distributed by Cambridge University Press]. (From the introduction to the thesis: “This is the first computational approach to Conceptual Blending [Fauconnier and Turner] that includes all the fundamental aspects of this framework. “Computational Models of Conceptual Integration. New York: Oxford University Press. Ruiz de Mendoza, editor, Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 2, 285-304, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benja.

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Palgrave Macmillan. Conceptual blending has a fascinating dynamics and a crucial role in how we think and live. “Assembling Spaces: the Conceptual Structure of Allegory. UC Berkeley Cognitive Science Students Association,
November 1999. Inaugural-dissertation: Webster's Timeline History, 1934 – 2006: Amazon. [Contains a blended space analysis of Dickinson’s “Me from Myself – to banish -“]
Freeman, Margaret.

– “Steps towards a Design Theory for Virtual Worlds,” by Joseph Goguen. Stockholm, July. Reprinted as “Life on Mars: Language and the Instruments of Invention. “Conceptual Blending and Metaphor. [pdf] The following handouts are in RTF format.

“Blending and your bank account: Conceptual blending in ATM design. 1 Defining Automation and Robotics. The analogical mind: Perspectives from cognitive science. ” In The Workings of Language, edited by Rebecca Wheeler. “Cognitive Blends and Pauline Metaphors in 1 Thessalonians.

” Cognitive Linguistics, 9-: 321-360. “Blending in language, conceptual structure, and the cerebral cortex. Designing with Blends: Conceptual Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering. “Blended Spaces in Thurber and Welty.

05pag Auchlin, Antoine. ” Pragmatics & Cognition 20:3. Reprinted as “Life on Mars: Language and the Instruments of Invention. “Making good psychology out of blending theory. ” Sixth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference.

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UCB/UCSD 1996 Cognitive Linguistics Workshop
January, 1996, Berkeley. ” In Evans, Vyvyan & StĂ©phanie Pourcel, editors, New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics. Language and Literature 15(1): 29-54. Pdf of draft. Pdf LSA-8jul09-2. ” Sixth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference.

Blending provides a more economical way of describing Timotheus’ images, and one that does him more justice. “The Role of Blending in an Empirical Study of Literary Analysis. Turner, Mark. “Deictic Projection and Conceptual Blending in Epistolarity. Proceedings of the British Academy.

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    • ” Sixth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference. [A volume in the series Human Cognitive Processing]. “‘Speak of me as I am’: The Blended Space of Shakespeare’s Othello. ” Sixth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference. Thank you so much as my paper was accepted right away. And Teenie Matlock.

      Blending is a process of conceptual mapping and integration that pervades human thought

      “Eschatology and Ethics,” chapter four of “The Problem Of The Body: The Conflict Between Soteriology and Ethics In Paul. A volume in the series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. “Blending in the interpretation of mathematical proofs. Html
      Zbikowski, Lawrence. ” In Lyn English, editor, Mathematical Reasoning: Analogies,Metaphors, and Images. ” Cognitive Linguistics 16.

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