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I may not have tenure yet, but I have access and a voice that have the potential to be powerful. The Expanding Art of Rhythm in Novel and Film (Ideas and Methods, 1973). Definitely food for thought for future journalist. The FCC, ever the environmentally-conscious citizen, recycled practically the same lukewarm policies crafted by corporate lobbyists for the tech and internet service industries (which lost in court). I agree with this premise, though critical caveats by Elizabeth Losh (Respect, Niceness, and Generosity) and Ernesto Priego (On the Public Humanities and the Reign of Opinion) on the ways that public online personae and political investment are rarely transparent reflections of one another ring very true. After studying English literature—or should I say ‘literatures’—at the University of Leiden from 1975 to 1981 (for no better reason than that it was close enough to my native Rotterdam, where I was running a music agency, to commute), Trinity College Dublin in 1978-1979 (because I loved Irish music and had come under the spell of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man when I read it as an undergraduate), and The University of Sydney in 1983 (because Australia happened to offer a generous travel and living allowance just as Ruud Hisgen and I were looking for a way to repeat our glorious year at TCD), I ended up teaching at the University of Leiden’s English Department in 1990.

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Martine de Clercq, Tom Toremans and Walter Verschueren, Leuven, 2006, pp. The project was completed in May 2010, with deliverables including an online Virtual Museum, a cd-rom for educational purposes, and an exhibition with an accompanying catalogue. But scholars need all avenues open to develop ideas, including the traditional university. (I can remember seeing his name in the opening credits of 20/20 segments that he produced. Hence, we strongly encourage you to contribute to the campaign if you are able to do so. The Shadows of Liberty screening in Chicago, in a peculiar bit of historical irony, took place in Lincoln Hall at Northwestern University Law School in downtown Chicago.

Transcripts must be received on or before February 1st. Follow-up to the first round of comments will be accepted for another two months, until September 15, 2014. That hasn’t exactly happened since I embarked on the tenure track It hasn’t been for lack of activity, though. Media Studies at New York University The master's program in Media, Culture, and Communication (MCC) offers a rigorous examination of topics at the intersections of. Or will they all be online.

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I’ve read your paper and the first thing that grabs the reader’s mind is your title itself,”BREAKING NEWS”. Send proposals (300 words max describing the video you’d like to submit) to [email protected] I agree about Twitter being “a resource for news companies to publish news” – many news stations now have their own official Twitters. I also agree that citizen journalists benefit the global community. The fellowships are for creative work (broadly defined to invite applications from writers, artists, scholars, media makers, remix artists, performers, musicians, or, well) that uses speculative narrative to expand or explore our understanding of gender.

It has been presented that action video game players have far. One of the first and most exciting tasks I’ve undertaken in my new job has been inviting speakers and developing the theme for the annual DC Queer Studies Symposium – an event I watched longingly from afar before I moved here (I defended my dissertation during the 2012 conference celebrating the career of Samuel R. Reading, moreover, comes a lot less naturally to the brain than listening and watching, and sustained critical reading may well be among the hardest activities we expect our brain to perform. In addition to having assisted Prof. While the reclassification got scores of coverage, what got far less coverage was the work that made that vote happen — work that was more than a decade in the making, and which I got to be a part of for nine years of that effort.

0 and how it influences journalism with good examples. It has been a recognition of the institutional impossibility of maintaining the kind of openness I had as a student, once I realized that the tenure-track position I had been incredibly lucky and (again) incredibly privileged to maintain was not going to be a good long term home; going on the market without the support of a cohort of equally anxious peers was a lonely thing, and Facebook provided a higher ratio of comforting dog, cat, and baby pictures to distract me. The goal of the game was to reach the finish line without running out of fuel. Provided for free, these dissertation
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I have given several presentations about that marvellous archive, for example to the Peeter Heynsgenootschap (The Dutch society for the history of foreign language teaching) in March 2006 and March 2007. Facebook was used to raise awareness within Egypt, outside of Egypt and to plan protests and manage activism. Most of the dissertation adviser provides such guidelines in a comprehensive way. Needless to say, news of this proposal drew widespread scorn — from both the phone/cable duopolists who wanted it ALL, and from the grassroots Heroes of the Internet who decried the proposal as too much of a capitulation to the Evildoers, and who also feared that such a policy would lose in court when it got sued (as did the FCC previous two attempts at net neutrality). Definitely agree with your point about false information, also credibility is often lost with amateurs writing the story.

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Together with Thed van Leeuwen and Alesia Zuccala of CWTS I have written a funding proposal for Digging into Data called ‘Digging into Books and Book Reviews for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Evaluations’ to establish the potential of scholarly books and book reviews for effective bibliometric research evaluations in the social sciences and arts and humanities. One, an old Etonian, nominally runs the country. 0 being a user-driven medium allowing the sharing of content via videos, my paper is based on communities found on YouTube through the use of videos. The left “no” side has offered up the argument that division makes for a smaller chance of equality, but that still comes close to the idea that what Scotland really needs is the trickle-down wealth from London – which would surely have worked rather better than it has, if it were going to. This “A service named Speak2Tweet was launched by Google in partnership with Twitter, allowing Egyptians to use their phones to record messages/audio clips and convert them instantly into Tweets, automatically tagged with the #egypt” I think is one of the most powerful passages in this piece. Moreover, it can also be sai that the pattern of consumption has changed, that is for example traditional media vs new media.

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    • Another large part of online consumption of news is via social networks. Am saving your link to make sure i read it asap. Events will include paper sessions featuring faculty and graduate students, a buffet lunch, and a plenary session featuring Ramzi Fawaz (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Shanté Paradigm Smalls (St. My Twitter feed, when I accessed it, had a much less unified perspective. 7 million comments from the public, the overwhelming majority of which support a reclassification of the internet back to Title II common carriage.

      At the 147th Nobel Symposium entitled ‘Going Digital: Evolutionary and Revolutionary Aspects of Digitization’ (Stockholm, Royal Swedish Academy of Science, June 2009) I gave a paper about the changes in scholarly practice corresponding to the changing knowledge paradigm as we move from analogue to digital textual transmission. This was therefore displayed on a forum that the rest of the world could view. In recent years, attention has turned both to the ways in which some queer formations can reinforce the logics of speculative capital, and to the work of speculative cultural production in imagining different, deviant worlds. Much of the archive’s vast correspondence (>30,000 letters) has been microfilmed and is accessible through the special Correspondence catalogue. After that defeat, word leaked that the FCC would effectively surrender its net neutrality policy to Big Telecom. Au , which is powered by the search engine giant Yahoo.

      We encourage the FCC to stop procrastinating and to respond to our petition

      Hence, the digitization of texts and the concomitant changes in literacy are matters of urgent concern at a European level. Au , which is powered by the search engine giant Yahoo. And I delivered a series of lectures on net neutrality, which were compiled into an e-book and published. Refer to information from online journals, PDF documents or media files as you write; arrange and rearrange. Here is why you should care. Twitter as a Web 2.

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