I m so bored and I need to do homework

May 25, 2013 · I live in North London and have nothing to do. I am a seasoned procrastinator. And what did I find in one of his drawers. Two hour high school homework max. Now that I’ve seen many comments about high school and college being stressful and unhealthy, bye bye to my dream. I dont think we even learn anything from homework because there is no teacher there to help us and our parents dont have all the answers.


Evidently homework didn’t help you much, now did it. Most members at the country clubs I belong to (where one must have both free-time and considerable money) were NOT people who studied for 3-4 hours a night. Children need to be taught from a young age that some things aren’t necessarily fun in life, but need to be done. But that other advanced class, that’s the class that gives me an hour and a half of homework per night. I hope you have talked to them about how “death would be better than the prospect of going on this way. I cannot remember the last time I was relaxed enough to think.

Homework has been ruining our social lives and making a majority of students sleep deprived. Im in eighth grade and am in Geometry and Spanish 2. Celia, I feel your pain. We are expected to be professional in the world of academics, and I feel that we are missing out on our youth which should be spent on exploring what we wish to learn about most. And that’s just in math.

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  • Do my homework please
    • But it doesn’t always work that way. I also almost never get time to exercise which I would totally do if I had the time. I love learning but have a terrible work ethic because nobody made me do anything. I haven’t learned a thing this year. So many times I feel so overwhelmed by all the homework and if I don’t do I might get a detention and there is so much pressure its really not fun.

      I played football freshman year in highschool and i had to quit cause practice started at 330 and i got home around 730 which leaves me 2hours to do homework and whatever else i wanted to do. And when I say eventually, i mean way down the road because we are young, we’re teenagers, we aren’t supposed to be stressed out and working until 2 a. I am just saying no more afterschool things ANYTIME. How can I possibly stop this. Homework is just too much after school.

      And also, if the school is so hard, then how do you expect to learn. Im glad we share similar thoughts. PC is age 7 and has what I think is far to much homework, they are in school all day and then when they get home most of her time is taken with homework. She did do all the research, the hard part, but I helped (or rather I did) cut out really cute photos of elephants and cartoons of elephants to make her Bristol board stand out from her classmates’.

      I will try to check this site often and tell whoever reads this how its going. 6 Ways For Teens to Avoid Distractions and Finish Homework. It must of taken you 15 minutes. So I continued getting bad grades into 9th grade until I decided I had had enough. I am a student only in grade 8 but already i am staying up untill at least 10.

      I m so bored and I need to do homework

      However, I have a child who is knee deep in college applications now and is so burned out. Oh by the way, anonymous person who commented the 148th post, i totally agree with you, 8 year olds DONT want to have stress and anxiety put on them, they’re NOT office workers and if they DO grow up to work in an office, lets say, they got the job at age 23, but they’d been doing that sort of work since age 7, they may think they’d never properly done this job before, but in a way, they would have been doing it for about 16 years. Us kids don’t like it, we get stressed out, the parents and other adults helping the student do the homework don’t like it, it stresses them out too, even the people who set the homework, the teachers don’t like it, they have to mark it all, that is bound to stress them out, so there is no point in homework, we don’t need to actually do it, we need to be educated but not like this, because hardly any of us kids actually like school, we all know we have to go but once its over for the weekend or just sheerly the end of the day, we don’t want to (metaphorically) bring the school home with us, by bringing homework home, but for some reason, we have to. I think that homework is a way that mekes teachers feel like they are making teens smarter, but really they are ruing our lives, they are adding on to anxiety, stress, depression, and all of that could lead up to possible suicides, or drop outs.

      My daughter is in the 10th grade. I get about three to four hours of homework everyday. Go to 6-8 hours of school 5 days a week followed by 6-8 hours of homework for 5-7 days a week. I got to play teacher and she loved it. It’s what makes life stupid.

      Some students were really appalled that they had to take charge of their learning outside of school. Bad procastination problem, furthered by much by the lack of a good homework environment, and probably laziness set off by weight loss from inability to each much, and having bad digestion problems with what I do eat. From school, I belive this is is because she is exausted. I have around 7 teachers and about 4 projects going on at the same time. Every night I come home to start my homework, but I just cannot do it. This is not how the real world works.

      Jst not my parents, who think it is all perfectly justified, reasonable, and just plain acceptable

      I usually get home at 3, shower/eat till 4, and in all the weekdays I only have 6-8 hours of freetime, I usually spend it from 4-6. When I dohomework, im so bored and never get it done until hours after. But honestly reinforcing something should only take ten minutes top. Ah yes, it is difficult to do homework nowadays, as of right now I’m doing a persuasive letter about homework and its Herculean amount is not simply keeping up with the times, I do hours of 7th grade homework , so maybe it’s time for homework to grow up. It was hard to find this post in google, but i am glad i found your awsome blog. I completely agree with this, I spend countless hours per day doing homework, normally, I’m exhausted when I get back from school so I take a nap from when I get back (normally around 5pm) to about 8:30pm.


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