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Contact us for general library related questions. Michael also worked to bridge language barriers with students in the English as a Second Language program at Delgado Community College to compose and contribute their stories. Museums understand that design communicates ideas, and understand the value of creating accessible physical and virtual spaces according to different abilities, and making knowledge accessible and welcoming the ideas and questions of those publics. If we do, we will be sure to announce them on the RRCHNM blog and circulate the news on social media. Meringolo, Museums, Monuments, and National Parks: Toward a New Genealogy of Public History (Univ. Contains the full text of select CCSU master’s theses, dissertations, and special projects submitted since 2002.

dissertation database search

Dissertations and theses is the British Library’s Ethos database, which includes some online full-text access. At the end, those digital novices transformed into ambassadors who are engaging with the growing community of digital humanities practitioners and who serve as advocates supporting digital history and digital art history work at their institutions and in the fields at large. We have in the past on a very limited basis. Roy discussed Michael’s ideas and the possibility of creating an online collecting project modeled after the September 11 Digital Archive with Center staff. Michigan Press is handling the blind and I’m in charge of the open. But the word itself was distinct enough for most users that we could adopt it as the name of a new piece of software.

They struggled not only with physical destruction of place, but also with emotional trauma and cultural displacement. Write reviews and tag items. WorldCat Dissertations & Theses Search the more than 8 million records for dissertations and theses in the WorldCat database, contributed by libraries throughout the U. Of Massachusetts Press, 2012); Robert B. Of course, you can find documents on any topic using our keyword search.

Dissertations and Theses; Dissertation Help FAQs;. Sharon Leon will continue to push scholars in this area in forthcoming publication focused on “user-centered digital history. Professor Susan Smulyan also invited me to speak in one of her graduate courses earlier in the day about planning digital public humanities projects. Dissertations and Theses Collection (DTC) Free Resource. EBSCOhost Research Databases – Academic & Business Source, MEDLINE with Full Text.

Use of Rensselaer Libraries electronic journals and databases is governed by U. In the US, public history’s roots can be traced back to the early nineteenth century. These works are available through library subscription databases and for easy and convenient ordering. We offer effective and efficient results on our curated content platform with expert metadata that reduces noise in search results. Theses and dissertations are an excellent source of in-depth technical information often not published in detail elsewhere.

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    • We decided to officially launch the project during the 2006 Mardi Gras celebrations, which occur all along the Gulf Coast. Open Access Journals at Boston College
      Boston College Libraries are committed to the open dissemination of scholarly information to a global audience. Through analysis of existing projects and through building some things from scratch with their own sources, participants learned how to read, analyze, and interact with digital scholarship. We will use any funds for the long-term care of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank.

      Through our journal publishing program the Libraries provide services and software for Boston College faculty, staff, and students who want to publish an online open access journal. The more comprehensive our database is, the more useful it is to everyone. Org, and not from copies of pages exported into Word, because many of my revisions, particularly content structure, were based on the format in which I am publishing. To humanize those audiences, the Smithsonian Learning Lab created named personas who represent real teachers, the primary audience for their new digital initiative. Share knowledge, go where people are, like Wikipedia.

      dissertation database search

      ‘ Peter Morton, The Flinders University. OpenThesis is a free repository of theses, dissertations, and other academic. Peabody-Essex has a Maker Lounge, and a Maker Lounge Resident focusing on industrial design. Doing any type of public-facing digital work requires an intentional decision from the beginning of the project that identifies, invites in, and addresses audience needs in the design, approach, and content long before outreach of a finished project begins. Designated as an official offsite repository for the U. To see examples of quality research from our archive, visit ProQuest’s most-accessed dissertations.

      List of theses starting in 1926 written by seniors at Princeton University. Michael’s wife Cathe has asked his friends and family to donate to RRCHNM in his memory. Designated as an official offsite repository for the U. Two weeks after evacuating from New Orleans, a young Assistant Professor at the University of New Orleans (UNO) contacted Roy seeking advice for developing a documentary on Hurricane Katrina: the destruction, the responses (and lack thereof), and recovery. To review theses and dissertations by subject area, try these links, chosen for their wide appeal and timeliness.

      Use the “Thesis” format option to limit your search (left column of the. Scholarly Communication News @ BC
      Links to selected sites containing articles, papers, programs etc. Most important, the “public” should come first. Townsend, History’s Babel: Scholarship, Professionalization, and the Historical Enterprise in the United States, 1880 – 1940 (University Of Chicago Press, 2013); Cathy Stanton, The Lowell Experiment: Public History in a Postindustrial City (Univ of Massachusetts Press, 2006). As Tom Scheinfeldt has argued, this tradition from the mid-twentieth century forward was “highly technological, archival, public, collaborative, political, and networked,” which represents another branch in the genealogy of digital humanities. If your primary users communicate on one specific social media space, be there.

      On Thursday, March 12, 2015, I had the pleasure of speaking at John Nicholas Brown Public Humanities Center with students, faculty, and staff at Brown University

      At the start, only 26% responded that they were comfortable assessing digital projects for scholarly content in promotion cases and 74% were not sure. The largest area of growth for the art historians was in reviewing for promotion. The next step is for me to ask you, my readers, to read, comment, and help make this project better. Search across 400000+
      theses for free and order full text quickly and easily. In the post-institute survey, we also asked more typical questions following workshops, about overall satisfaction, if participants felt their voices were heard, and if their personal learning needs were addressed. Connors Family Learning Center
      Attend seminars on college teaching, higher learning, and academic life (O’Neill Library, 2nd floor).


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