Case study dissertation

However, as this researcher has shown in this article and in the preceding article in this journal, case study is a reliable methodology when executed with due care. This article has presented the methodology that was used to conduct the current study. This article has presented the methodology that was used to conduct the current study. This becomes necessary because statistical analysis is not necessarily used in all case studies. The results from the test group indicated that changes to the instruments would be beneficial, and these changes were made. Information technologies in universities: An institutional case study.

case study dissertation

Introduction to case study [68 paragraphs]. The researcher created the programs to validate the data as it was entered so as to minimize data entry errors. The questionnaire developed by Levy (1988) was modified for use at Fairfield University. In the context of data collection, triangulation serves to corroborate the data gathered from other sources. It was ideal for the case organization under study. Triangulation increases the reliability of the data and the process of gathering it.

Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publishing. The Levy (1988) study and this proposed study, both being exploratory, need not, and do not have a proposition (Yin, 1994). Article Citation       Tellis. Application of Recommended Procedures This study used the methodology established by Levy (1988) in his investigation of the impacts of information technology at the University of Arizona. Explanation-building is considered a form of pattern-matching, in which the analysis of the case study is carried out by building an explanation of the case.

These results are presented not exclusively as statistical results, but with accompanying explanations of the meaning of those test results. These stages are presented together in the following section, since they are interrelated. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press. The guide for the case study report is often omitted from case study plans, since investigators view the reporting phase as being far in the future. A reminder notice was sent to all faculty and administrators one week after the original contact, so as to encourage participation.

King and Kraemer (1985) provided the logical categories for context of use in computing environments and were adapted by Levy in the 1988 study: technological development, structural arrangements, socio-technical interface, political/economic environment, and benefits/problems. The overview of the project is a useful way to communicate with the investigator, while the field procedures are indispensable during data collection. Stake (1995) stated that the protocols that are used to ensure accuracy and alternative explanations are called triangulation. ) Networked PC access from classroom The following contribute to the effectiveness of my work Access to the Internet, WWW, Email from the office, classroom, and home These developments could be important in five years Access to the Internet and WWW Access to networked CD’s from classroom Ability to create class material for use on WWW High priority should be placed on the following More powerful network servers Microcomputer/Multimedia classrooms for instruction only More classrooms connected to the network Support for WWW/Multimedia course development More instructional software Ability to transfer large files with sound, images etc.

New York: Columbia University Press. Denzin (1984) identified four types of triangulation: Data source triangulation, when the researcher looks for the data to remain the same in different contexts; Investigator triangulation, when several investigators examine the same phenomenon; Theory triangulation, when investigators with different view points interpret the same results; and Methodological triangulation, when one approach is followed by another, to increase confidence in the interpretation. The issue of generalization has appeared in the literature with regularity. Is Director of Undergraduate Programs in Fairfield University’s School of Business and formerly he was Director of Technical Services also in the School of Business at Fairfield. Time-series analysis is a well-known technique in experimental and quasi-experimental analysis.


He presented some possible analytic techniques: pattern-matching, explanation-building, and time-series analysis. Those are issues that many higher education institutions face. The methodology recommended by Yin (1984) and others was adapted for use at Fairfield University. 联邦论文是致力于论文撰写,指导服务的专业机构,我们为您提供一流的Assignment, Essays, Report, Coursework, Case Study, Proposal以及学术Dissertation论文代写和修改服务。目前,我们在英国,澳洲,美国和新加坡均设有分支工作室,所有作品都经过仔细的研究以后由我们专业的撰写者来构思并撰写完成。我们的团队是由优秀的各专业留学生组成,可以为您提供最有保障的高质量学术文章写作服务。我们的队伍拥有丰富的专业知识,写作经验和技巧,在实际的经验中,我们帮助很多客户达成了自己的学习目标甚至取得了更大的成功。. The hypothesis was that there is no significant difference between the responses of the two groups of respondents with regard to the factors relating to the rate of technology acquisition. Applications of case study research.

Return to the Table of Contents. Stake (1995) included three others: Intrinsic – when the researcher has an interest in the case; Instrumental – when the case is used to understand more than what is obvious to the observer; Collective – when a group of cases is studied. The survey instruments used by Levy (1988) were modified for use at Fairfield University. A price war for higher education. Participant observation is a unique mode of observation in which the researcher may actually participate in the events being studied.

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    • The overview of the project is a useful way to communicate with the investigator, while the field procedures are indispensable during data collection. All types of relevant documents should be added to the database, as well as tabular materials, narratives, and other notes. The Educational Technology Committee made phone calls to colleagues to encourage participation. Our online paper writers write essay papers, research papers, term papers, case studies, review papers, dissertations, reports papers, speech papers and thesis papers quite creative and original because of their training and experience in terms of writing. While the information may not be available in any other way, the drawbacks should be carefully considered by the researcher. Colleges struggle to develop formal strategies to pay for computing.

      Those are issues that many higher education institutions face

      Some of the items added to the original instrument include: Current use / could use / would enhance future use Internet resources (Gopher, FTP etc. Yin and Stake have designed protocols for conducting the case study, which enhance the reliability and validity of the investigation. The researcher had no control over the behavioral events, which is a characteristic of case studies. The remodified instruments were reviewed by Levy. Our custom essay writing services are hassle free and you will get the result you always wanted. The Levy (1988) study and this proposed study, both being exploratory, need not, and do not have a proposition (Yin, 1994).


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