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Once the drug is approved for one illness, doctors are then free to prescribe the drug off-label, and many companies have been caught illegally marketing their drug to doctors to be prescribed off-label as a way to increase sales (with millions of dollars at stake). Will errors be corrected after publication. And each of us does that with all his scientific buddies, you know, to “support” each other. Keith writes:
“Post pub peer review could work if there was a high level of cooperation. Not many banners boasting our name, no funky interiors or light fittings. Sharing scientific ideas that are very recent are exactly why we have meetings, web boards, webinars, newsgroups, seminars, etc.

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There are already way, way too many books of all kinds published – yet somehow we all survive and no one calls for a formal across the board system of book quality assessment because it’s so hard to keep up with the books. In general though, please rest assured that if you had several more publications with that renewal, your score would be higher. The current method was not established to weed out inferior science and prevent publication of bad papers, but to choose the best papers to publish in a limited space, much like any editor of any magazine has to do. Com, you should not worry about confidentiality issues, as your rights and interests are always protected. The free-for-all system proposed in this article simply would not serve those who depend on knowing that published papers seemed credible to someone. Rapid unfiltered publications will make the situation worse.

” Humanities scholarship generally doesn’t go out of date quickly. Certainly the best judge of the interest of a paper to the community is, well, the community itself. I think that peer review, problematic as it is, does serve one function that would definitely NOT be taken care of by any online comment system. Webmedcentral (which I wrote about here: http://blog. P=7439 ) seems to illustrate this issue.

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    • It is not to be a step by step description of everything you did, nor is a methods section a set of instructions. Sure, I’ve had the occasional case that really sucked. First off, you need to know what exactly a personal essay should look like, regardless of whether you are going to write it yourself or buy personal essay online. One can quite easily imagine mechanisms to manage who is part of a community (academic credentials. I’ve been quite happy with the comments on this site; the quality of comments depends on the quality of the people in the community.

      06 Jun 2011 — expanded section on organizing the Works Cited list, since several readers asked for clarification. I wrote an article on mathematical modelling of approximate frequencies (important for musical tuning away from the whole numbers) which caught the attention of a prominent auditory neuroscience. I have been teaching from thiis handout for years, and when a student makes a formatting error on a rough draft, I just ask them to fix it for the revision. If one is not affiliated with a school, one is severely limited. Funding and publishing are tied together – without the good press for bad science, how can bad science persist.

      I realized I wasn’t alone and that I had hope that I would finally find somebody to write my term paper for me. I personally have found that most of the time peer-reviwe is helpful to me as an author. Given our funding climate, in fact, just the opposite would happen. Secondly, the application to facilitate such a system needs to be considered separately from the regulating forces of governments, academic institutions, and journals – unless one is designed explicitly along side of one.

      Anyone, who fits the criteria, can go and publish their latest data today and have a citable, permanent, link by tomorrow. Having a random group of anonymous internet posters bashing away ignorantly at a piece of work online isn’t any more helpful than no input at all. Yes to an open system, but the quality issue is a big hurdle (until it’s fixed. For what turned out to be the shortest stint of my career. It’s the publish or perish paradigm that should be the real target of reform, not the system of review.

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      We had toothpaste – small and stinky, so we didn’t use. So the big journals focus on money. Moreover, our professional writers are always open to communication with the customers in order to ensure that the paper strictly conforms to the customer’s requests. Before my college year I didn’t know there were many different forms of essay.

      Physics is a different case for several reasons – it’s a smaller circle and certainly as far as the theoretical branch is concerned (as with maths) many articles containing novel “proofs” are kept strictly secret from anyone (let alone peers) before being published or presented at a conference. Nobody is proposing an abrupt revolt against peer review via a few gatekeepers; instead, they (and I’ll add myself to make it “we”) are arguing that the current system is wasteful, unjust, and counterproductive to the advancement of science, and that alternative models should therefore be pursued. Our writing staff is capable of writing different kinds of academic and non-academic papers such as research papers, term papers, essays, thesis papers, report papers, review papers, speeches etc. And each of us does that with all his scientific buddies, you know, to “support” each other. I have a slightly different idea on the back of this.

      If you are curious about what this cost-effective strategy can do for you, there is no time like the present to try it out. Com our research paper writers are native English speakers so that will not be an issue. It bounds the types of ideas that can be disseminated: long and involved ideas have to be broken up into pieces to conform to limit lengths, while small but useful ideas have to be attached to something more substantial to become “publishable”, instead of being broadcast right away. Would that be so awful. And I certainly would not say that peer review is always unhelpful. If I saw a paper delayed by two years with the methodology and results largely unchanged, I would also assume this is the fault of the peer-review system.

      One should add that our academic experts can write a paper on nearly any topic

      But without realistic proposals for how regular guys in out of the way countries and institutions and without the most relevant expertise around them going to get a similar level of access to help to that provided (albeit rather randomly) by peer review, I think it would be regressive to abolish journals because of their annoying aspects. This is particularly true in the biomedical sciences where there is much money to be made with drug development and/or selling some quack idea. Again, I don’t think any system like this will plausibly run into problems of too much involvement from people who aren’t interested in your line of work (unless it’s some politically controversial area or something), so a system like this would ideally be a direct line to the people you’re interested in. The common theme to my comments is to move away from volunteer based reviews to a payment structure. A research paper writer should do some research first by investigating the topic. Unfortunately, the applications don’t give you much guidance.

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