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As Tom Scheinfeldt has argued, this tradition from the mid-twentieth century forward was “highly technological, archival, public, collaborative, political, and networked,” which represents another branch in the genealogy of digital humanities. When we started each institute, all 47 of the participants were anxious. PDQ (NCI) PDQ database of NCI reviewed information for health professionals and patients on treatment, screening, prevention, and supportive care, including clinical trial information. Dissertations and master’s theses since 1861; text available for , 100,000 dissertations. ChemSpider Information on more than 18 million chemical structures from over 80 data sources. Digital Dissertations and Theses (ProQuest) – With more than 1.

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Produced and copyrighted (c) by the American Psychological Association. Additionally for each of the two-week institutes, Sharon and I were unavailable for other project work at the Center. In sum, these infographics reflect an important truth about the ProQuest thesis and dissertation database. The Center recently learned that a long-time collaborator and friend, Michael Mizell-Nelson, passed away after a battle with cancer. Integrated Risk Information System (EPA) IRIS is a database of human health effects that may result from exposure to various substances found in the environment. In contrast, music therapy requires the implementation of a music intervention by a trained music therapist, the presence of a therapeutic process, and the use of personally tailored music experiences.

The review includes 30 trials with a total of nearly 2000 participants with cancer. Consideration was also given to the fact that Georgia Tech’s entire thesis and dissertation collection has been digitized and made available to the whole campus, with citations available to the whole world and full text available on request (through ILL). Dietary Supplements Labels Database (NLM) Information on >2,000 selected brands of dietary supplements-ingredients, health benefits claimed by manufacturers, etc. Castilho indica cinco sites que considera fundamentais para a pesquisa e para a leitura em geral. To validate that claim, this author has located the MIT Registrar’s web page stating that MIT doctoral students are required to pay a “Library thesis processing fee” of 5.

MDCalc Home to over 100 clinical-decision tools that are widely used by physicians and medical students. We decided to officially launch the project during the 2006 Mardi Gras celebrations, which occur all along the Gulf Coast. For established scholars, who are experts in their fields of study, novices in all things digital, and who may doubt the scholarly rigor involved in digital work, finding training that meets them at their skill level and addresses their disciplinary habits and concerns can be a challenge. Michael wanted all individuals affected by the storms to feel comfortable telling their stories in their own words online. UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations – ProQuest Digital Dissertations.

The revised 3rd edition of The Prokaryotes offers new and updated articles on taxa of relevance to medicine, ecology and industry. Selection Criteria: We included all randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and quasi-randomized trials of music interventions for improving psychological and physical outcomes in patients with cancer. “We decided not to require our students to give distribution rights to their dissertations to a third party, as we had been. Journal Citation Reports®
Delivers quantifiable statistical information based on citation data.

” (Stanford University Libraries, 2009). Back to top of page T Toxicology Abstracts Toxicology Abstracts indexes journal articles that cover a broad range of issues including toxicity testing methodology, substance abuse, natural toxins, legislation and recommended standards, and environmental issues. Extending the timeline to the most recent years also exposes greater gaps in ProQuest coverage because of the growing trend in going ProQuest optional among American doctorate-granting institutions (Stanford, Michigan, Texas, Georgia Tech, and Louisiana State being the largest, with MIT and Florida students sending abstracts-only without full text to Ann Arbor. This portal functions as a one stop search engine for all online databases and e-journals. Following up on these concerns, it was discovered that several schoolshave stopped submitting to ProQuest in recent years, meaning that a growing proportion of American ETDs produced at top research institutions are missing from that company’s system.


Its unique feature is a diagnosis reminder system. Clearly this circumstance now compels researchers looking for Stanford theses and dissertations to search the University’s own SearchWorks catalog and/or Google to find and retrieve the University’s graduate research. Entries combine phylogenetic and systematic data with insights into genetics, physiology and application. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (formerly known as Digital Dissertations) allows users to search for dissertations and. Registration is limited to UM Personnel only. An important source of confusion about US dissertations, ProQuest, and Library of Congress are the body of marketing claims that ProQuest is THE repository for digital dissertations authorized by the Library of Congress.

Social Care Online Information on all aspects of social care SPIE Digital Library SPIE Digital Library includes resources on optics and photonics, providing access to more than 260,000 technical papers from SPIE Journals and Conference Proceedings from 1990 to the present. Not all dissertations from all participating universities are included in Dissertation Abstracts. In the end, we have decided to let the students opt to send their dissertations directly to ProQuest if they want, rather than through the university. Toxline Indexes articles, reports, and other types of publications reporting research and information on toxicology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, environmental pollutants, etc. The free PDF downloads are available only from on-campus computers.

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    • Org as a resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the 2005 hurricanes. We wanted to continue to have them deposit just abstracts with ProQuest, but ProQuest was going to charge each student for the abstract instead of the they were paying for the full dissertation. Of Massachusetts Press, 2012); Robert B. General Science Full Text
      This database covers in various subject areas such as Astronomy, Atmospheric Science, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Conservation, Earth Science, Environment, Food, Genetics, Health, Mathematics, Medicine, Microbiology, Nutrition, Oceanography, Physics and Physiology. Subjects covered: Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Medical, Veterinary and Health Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Polymers and Material Sciences, Psychology. Where possible, results were presented in meta analyses using mean differences and standardized mean differences.

      A web-based bibliography and database manager, used to easily create personal databases of imported references from text files or online databases, that facilitates reference storage, retrieval, formatting for publication and sharing of folders or databases

      At the end of the institute, 36% were more comfortable advising, with many more unsure than not. Despite decades of amazing work in digital humanities, the skills and methods that are central to pursuing this kind of work have only just begun to penetrate the larger community of historians and art historians. As Tom Scheinfeldt has argued, this tradition from the mid-twentieth century forward was “highly technological, archival, public, collaborative, political, and networked,” which represents another branch in the genealogy of digital humanities. Until the late 1980’s, MIT submitted nothing. Provides graphical displays of publication trends of UM faculty and departments for the past 20 years of PubMed and NIH-funded research projects. National Center for Health Statistics The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.