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, 1994-2000) and the counting process (2006) was deemed sufficient to allow even the material published at the very end of the period to accrue citations, removing any disadvantages to those submitting newer material. It includes a large number of books (shown here to be cited twice as often as journals) in its current 400,000 entries (written in 140 languages), with around 30,000 further entries being added every year. However, separating those within similar or even the same disciplines was more difficult, demanding subject knowledge, which, fortunately, was possessed by one of the authors, Summers, a former professional musician with a Master’s degree in music. The top ten journals by numbers of articles submitted for the 2001 Exercise are shown in Table 12 below. Additionally, authors were ranked according to their individual citation counts. Another critical factor for the improvement of coverage may be the feasibility of compiling any list of core journals.


At the core of this study is a citation analysis that counted citations received by academics who were submitted for peer review in Unit of Assessment 67 in the 2001 Exercise. Despite the strong correlations we obtained, it is also clear that the coverage of the Arts and Humanities Citation Index is unrepresentative of music research. In the review report, Roberts stated his belief that, ‘it is time to move away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ assessment, to a model which concentrates assessment effort where the stakes are highest’, aiming at, ‘efficiency and fairness’ (Roberts 2004). This dissertation analyses the efficiency of Brazilian sugarcane agro-ecological. It contains a large amount of bibliographical information that could serve as a source list for a music citation index. It demonstrates your level of critical and analytical thinking and defines the subject that you are most interested in pursuing within your field.

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 76: 292-296. Wendt DA, Irwin ME, and Cressie N (2004). Genetic Epidemiology 21 (Suppl 1): S24-S29. [Also available as UBC CS Technical Report 92-25. Msc dissertation proposal wrote on April 2013.

However, potential problems with the use of correlations between citation analysis and Exercise scores are raised by Warner (2000).      Rensink RA (2006). I will then outline a recent idea that has been named by its main advocate an “Open Capital Partnership” (Cook, 2004) that could be applied to student financing, creating a private, co-operative system similar to the state-supported income contingent loans available to undergraduates.   This was really for a system of alternative currency, in which property pledged by wealthier members of the network backed the issue of an alternative, local currency to enable those with future prospects (such as in this case the economic benefits of advanced study and research) to spend that currency on their immediate needs and repay as their income increases, and in which the rate of interest was to be strictly limited to what was needed to administer the system. COM feels same level of anxiety with your dissertation writing just as much as you do.

With a dissertation, you are expected to use the research of others only to guide you in your own research to come up with a completely new hypothesis. This Spotlight highlights some of the key publications that study, analyse and document Brazil’s ethanol programme. As a tool for analysis, Garfield (1979) suggests that ‘the simplicity of citation indexing is one of its main strengths’ (Garfield 1979: 1).   This is not compulsory and should be negotiated with your supervisor and the programme director.

Correlating Research Assessment Exercise scores with TD, TD/N, TD/AD and (TD x AD)/N, the first four correlation results all show a similar value for rs but in each the underlying data is ‘spelt’ slightly differently. Details of the 670 sets of submissions were entered into a spreadsheet, listing department name, the academics’ names and the type of each of their four submissions (journal article, authored book, composition, etc. My MSc dissertation and the wedding preparations still require some time. It can be seen in Table 11 below that those departments with high values for TD are most likely to be classed as writing departments. For the supervisory relationship to work well, it must be appreciated that there are rights and responsibilities on both sides.

msc dissertation

MSc dissertation, Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield 2009.   Any research you carry out as part of your dissertation is therefore subject to these procedures. A summary of these predominances is shown in Table 8 below, grouping them into four wider categories: ‘composition’, ‘performance’, ‘writing’ and ‘other’. In this instance, the inclusion of The Strad noticeably increases the representation of one of the constituent groups of authors and it is an example of how non-academic or non-research journals are necessary to ensure the whole subject is covered. 60 the correlation is weaker and, again, the hidden detail shows enough irregularities as to be unhelpful. These nine account for a further 22 citations (16%).

However, it provides a far more detailed picture of current music research than the Arts and Humanities Citation Index as it is not restricted to journal articles. The top count of 140 citations was achieved by Davidson JW of the University of Sheffield. Genetic Epidemiology 17 (Suppl 1): S229-S234. ArrayThis is a guide on how to write an MSc dissertation.   Some of these have only been proposals for alternative banking systems and therefore lack a rigorous academic literature.

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    •   Barring his/her own leave plans, the programme director is available for either students or supervisors who wish to discuss any aspect of the dissertation. However, despite shortcomings such as those detailed above, the correlations shown are strong enough to suggest that, with a more comprehensive data set, citation counts could yet prove to show an even stronger correlation with Research Assessment Exercise scores and, therefore, be more useful in research assessment. BMC Genet 2003 4 (Suppl I): S70. This dissertation analyses the efficiency of Brazilian sugarcane agro-ecological. MSc Dissertation, Schumacher College and University of Plymouth. In relation to this, ‘the application of citation index data depends on the role of journal articles in the different fields’ (van Raan 2005: 138).

      Adaptive Functioning in Children With Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

      ArrayThis is a guide on how to write an MSc dissertation. A third possible model is the more traditional credit unions. PDF (604K)

      Irwin M, Cox N, and Kong A. Unpublished MSc dissertation, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield. The fourth calculation, (TD x AD)/N, provided a crudely weighted total that may or may not be akin to the FTE weighting used by the Research Assessment Exercise system. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 150: 203-208.

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