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There are alternative identification strategies that could be employed to select news articles: the Current Events portal, In the News template, 2014 category, and pageview dumps each would uncover alternative news topics. Since every business has a specific target audience and every industry has its own unique buying cycle, our team applies a specific blend of inbound marketing techniques that helps each client engage their target customers and achieve their specific marketing objectives. In addition, good dissertation editing should include, as much as possible, and within the scope of knowledge of the editor, verification of the fundamental content of the document. Your dissertation is the culmination of your academic career. This is not every retweet relationship in the data, but only those nodes belonging to retweet relationships where A retweeted B at least twice. Excellence Award nominations accepted until June 1st.

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The cumulative number of pageviews gives us another metrics ranking the biggest news stories of the year. This zeitgeist ranking sorts articles based on the number of unique editors they had in each month. Revising your dissertation advice from leading editors. 3)    Free counseling and a 10% discount on transforming your dissertation into a potentially publishable book. We’ve edited over 4,000 books since 1999. Reading the data back in, many observations end up being improperly formatted because of errant commas and apostrophes in the tweets break fields prematurely.

Whether you need an entire dissertation edited at once or want to work on a chapter at a time, we can help. It’s also not the case that every editor is contributing to every article in this corpus. Almost a quarter of the pageviews that the Soma mine disaster article received since the May accident happened on a single day versus the Minecraft article receiving only 2% of its total pageviews this year following the announcement of its purchase. Thank God for Edit 911. When do you want it completed.

The cumulative number of pageviews gives us another metrics ranking the biggest news stories of the year. Apparently, the most important question you have is whether our editors are indeed experts. Been there, done that, suffered like you have. I’ve colored the nodes here by account_age, or the number of days the account existed before October 24. I apologize for pre-maturely releasing information without doing a fuller writeup about what went in and what you should take away.

All of our book editors are published authors and professors of literature and/or writing at a major university. Dobiegł końca upalny weekend – temperatura wody niemal jak w basenie.  A complex visualization like this is obviously a ripe for misinterpretation in a polarized context like Gamergate and I wasn’t nearly clear enough describing the methods I used or the limitations on the inferences that can be drawn from this approach. I’ve intentionally omitted the #Gamergate and #NotYourShield hashtags as one of these would show up in every tweet, so it’s redundant to include them. Personally, my big win from this project was getting pretty dangerous at manipulating and customizing Matplotlib figures that are spit out of plotting functions in pandas and seaborn.

4)    Free counseling and a 10% discount on transforming a chapter or two of your dissertation into scholarly articles that you can then submit to professional journals. Out of 307,932 tweets, various stages of data cleanup will toss thousands of rows of data for being improperly formatted depending on the kind of analysis I’m focusing on. I did some other exploratory data analysis that suggests features associated with being pro-GG like highly-clustered networks and authoring many tweets mentioning other users are associated with potentially harassing behavior like using newly-created accounts and getting few replies from others. Professional dissertation editing is a crucial last step that should be taken before this all-important written work is submitted for review.

1)    Our 100% guarantee that your thesis, concept paper, dissertation proposal, and/or dissertation will be approved by your professors, committee, and university. One measure is “tweet_delta”, or the difference between the maximum and minimum observed value for a user’s “user_statuses_count” field recorded for each of their tweets. Now you’re so frustrated with the whole process you feel like pulling your hair out, going ballistic, and screaming at the world. First and most obviously, I hope others are collecting data about how Gamergate has unfolded over a wider range of time than three days and set of hashtags than #gamergate itself. , “#StopGamerGate2014”) as well as tweets from people speaking on the topic but consciously not using the hashtag to avoid harassment.


Having served on many hiring committees, I can tell you in all certainty that candidates who aren’t well-published have little chance of getting hired.  On Wikipedia, you can look at every change made to her article since it was created in 2001. , letters of application, and—most importantly—scholarly articles and books to be edited. It’s the best—and most important—thing you’ve ever written. Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des doctor medicinae der medizinischen Fakultät der. For this analysis I used a pure-Python workflow to scrape, structure, clean, and visualize the data.

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    • Are you an international student. If you have an immediate need, you. Reading the chart from left-to-right, there’s a general trend for the top zeitgeist articles in a given language to be present across many other languages and lower zeitgeist articles to be more rare. It’s the best—and most important—thing you’ve ever written. The Award is selected by the editors of Dissertation.

        That is, we cannot be held responsible if your professors or committee feels you need to do more conceptualizing, thinking, research, and/or writing of new material. The list will include all submission requirements and guidelines, as well as the right person to contact at those publishing companies and journals. The boxplots below bear this rough relationship out: as the clustering coefficient increases (the other users mentioned by a user also mention each other), the average age of these accounts goes down substantially. ’s Certification of Excellence, introducing you to those professional publishing companies and journals, ensuring them that Edit911, Inc. This suggests that the ranking of top articles in each language are meaningful in terms of differentiating stories of narrow versus broad interest. And the best way to get there is by implementing an inbound marketing strategy.

      This has the effect of throwing out even more data and structural information (so inferences about the relative size of clusters should reflect single instances of retweeting have been discarded), but reveals the core patterns

      Our book editors, academic editors, and dissertation editors are adept at journal editing, article editing, newsletter editing, ebook editing. The first ranking sorts articles based on (1) appearing in some language’s zeitgeist list and (2) on the number of languages having an article about that topic (for brevity, the figure below only includes articles that appear in 5 or more languages). The ongoing conflict in the Ukraine is likewise mobilizing sustained and widespread attention focused across several articles (War in Donbass, Ukraine, 2014 Cirmean crisis, Euromaidan, 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine, etc. Our editors will assist you in improving your focus, development, and organization, and in meeting the expectations of your readers. This kind of dissertation proofreading is the standard in the industry because time is always of the essence. You have an opportunity to work with the best dissertation advisors online.

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